Minimalism through travel?

Auryn Engel
3 min readJul 26, 2019


In my last article I wrote about how I came to minimalism and why I think the principle makes sense. So why I’m trying to make it right.

Photo by Bench Accounting on Unsplash

Now I got some questions or remarks. The first one was from a friend. He said:

I think that’s a great principle, but I don’t want to limit my life. I like to make music and I need the things for it.

Well, for me minimalism is simply a form of life, not of restricting. I like to go kitesurfing myself, I would never limit myself there. That wouldn’t make my life more beautiful, it would make it worse.

Minimalism is also only an interpretation or designation of an attitude to life. There are no rules, laws or guidelines that enable you to call yourself a minimalist. And to limit oneself in one’s hobbies would not be an improvement of life. Rather it’s about the stuff, things you find funny for a moment, but don’t really need. Like a third pair of headphones or a second mobile phone cover. A fifth pair of shoes or something else for things that just get dusty.

The second question I was asked is, why I noticed that when I was traveling.
You have to know, I travel 4 to 5 days a week to customers and work at there place. I live in hotels, Airbnb’s or with friends. I always have only a backpack and a small suitcase with me. Now you have to think about what you really need.

For me these are the following things:

  • For every day change of laundry
  • mobile
  • laptop
  • chargers
  • Sports equipment for Fitti
  • Laundry (toothbrush and co)
  • notebook

And that’s it in the end. Everything else I have at home is beautiful, but not really necessary. And so I sort out more and more. And the less I own the better I feel. The less I have to clean up in the few days I am at home and the more relaxed it feels not to be at home.

Of course I miss a lot of things on my travels. My coffee machine is very lonely. Especially because good coffee is very important to me, and in many cities you first have to find out where the coffee is good.

But all in all, you really don’t need a lot and get along very well with it.
Traveling also makes me think all the more about whether I really need new purchases, because most of the time they are at home alone or I have to carry them around with me.
For example, I swapped my Sony over ear for Bose in ear because I didn’t want to have so much weight with me.
For me it’s a good feeling to get rid of things, to keep life simple and to invest excess money in ETFs.
But this is probably another new topic.