Here are my reasons to switch from Medium to my own custom blog.

I have posted my contributions on various sites over the last few years. On medium, and internal company blogs. What always bothered me was that I was bound to their system and requirements. On medium it was difficult to insert code, on internal blogs you always had to go through a review process.

I was always quite happy with medium (except that I couldn’t write in markdown), but now that they’ve changed their models and charge people for articles, it was a no-go for me. I…

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Yesterday I really wanted to do something with Python. Also a friend sent me a link, which contained many currently free computer science books from Springer. Now I didn’t want to downloading each book separately.

So I thought to myself, how hard can it be to download the books automatically. And lo and behold, it wasn’t hard either. Enclosed, I would like to describe my learnings during the exercise and how it works that you can automate even simple web tasks.

To automate a website I use Selenium to control Chrome (you need to install ChromeDriver). …

Germany organised the hackathon #wirvsvirushack on 20th March. About 42 thousand people from all over Germany took part in the hackathon to help in the corona crisis with new digital ideas. The goal was to create a prototype or an application that can help in the crisis.
But this article is not about the solution our team developed, but how and what my learnings are. The idea of the article is to give you these learnings so that you too can possibly work together more productively in everyday environment.

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Our team consisted of 2 designers and 2 developers. So we…

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Every time I get a new Mac, I get upset that I have to set it up again.

Yeah, I could just use the time machine mackup. But this would bring me a lot of files and data on the new fresh Mac, which I don’t need there. A script would be much more comfortable here. One that installs and configures all programs and tools as I need them.

Now that I’m about to change my employer and know I need to set up a new Mac, I created one this time.

Or I’m about to create one.

My ideas…

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Als Minimalist ist es nicht das Ziel so wenig wie möglich zu besitzen, es ist das Ziel, dass jeder Gegenstand, den man besitzt einen Zweck erfüllt. Hierbei geht es darum, unnötige Dinge aus dem Leben zu verbannen und nur das zu behalten, was man benötigt, was einen voran bringt. Das ist natürlich kein Ultimatum. Es soll einfach nur Helfen, unnötige Ablenkung und inhaltslose Dinge aus dem Leben zu verbannen.
Alle Minimalisten sprechen nun davon, was sie alles nicht brauchen und wie leer ihre Wohnung ist. Sie zeigen, wie wenig sie benötigen und was sie alles weggeworfen haben.
Doch ich möchte hier 10…

HATEOAS steht für Hypermedia as the Engine of Application State.

Einige bezeichnen es für REST-Schnittstellen als unverzichtbar. (heise)

Das Prinzip wurde von Roy Fielding erstmals in seiner Doktorarbeit beschrieben und später in seinem Blog weiter vertieft.

Doch warum findet man es so selten in REST Schnittstellen? Bisher sehe ich fast nie Anwendungen, die HATEOAS wirklich praktizieren. Doch wieso ist das so?

Um Schnittstellen zu dokumentieren, verwenden viele Swagger (was grundlegend sehr gut ist und ein Fortschritt zu nichts). Doch wie wäre es, wenn man hier statt der SwaggerUI direkt die Links in der Antwort hätte?

Was ist Hypermedia?

Hypermedia ist die Vernetzung von…

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In my last article I introduced AWS Lambda and how to create your first Lambda function. Now I want to develop a more useful function in this article.

Imagine you want to watch a product price trend at Amazon. A service that gives you the current price of the product as JSON would be handy. So we will develop a function in this article that takes the URL to the Amazon article and returns the title and price of the product as JSON.

Loading the product page

First you need the product page of the article. You can load it with axios.

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AWS Lambda has long been a topic I would like to deal with ⏳. Now I have watched and started several tutorials. But most of them were either too long or too short. They all showed how to upload the function, but not how to test it locally.

Now I have my first functions online and want to show you how easy it is to get started.

In general, AWS Lambda is very easy to use and allows an easy start in Serverless Computing with the free contingent. …

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I would like to talk about the HR of companies. I mean, it’s nice to be shown interest in you as a developer, but there are limits.

Everyone is pleased about a message with a concrete offer for a job. And yes, of course I look at something like that.

But unfortunately this is rarely the case. Mostly generic messages come, which can be sent to everyone.

Hello , you would like to advance the dusty logistics industry in a start-up?
I am looking for one for our customer XYZ:
Senior Full-Stack Developer (m/f/d). Does that sound interesting to you? Then…

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Microservice architecture is currently the talk of the town.

All companies want to replace their applications with microserives and move to the cloud.

They hope for less downtime, better scalability, faster deployment, better testability and much more.

But all these benefits are useless if developers are frustrated and development is hindered by architectural flaws. So here are five bugs that can and should be avoided when you doing Microservices.

1. No own database per microservice

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